Jordan Lewis, center left, points out part of a new odor mitigation system to Pitkin County Commissioners Patti Clapper, center background, and George Newman, center right, on Sept. 16, 2015. (Provided by High Valley Farms)

Passing the smell test: Colorado pot grow clears first odor review

ASPEN — When it comes to marijuana odors coming out of a Basalt-area grow operation, the real proof the problem has been fixed will come this summer.

That was the consensus Tuesday from both Pitkin County commissioners and two neighbors who live in the Holland Hills subdivision near High Valley Farms. Meanwhile, commissioners will continue to hold quarterly meetings to review the odor problem.

Commissioners approved High Valley Farms’ license Sept. 23 on the condition that owners control the odor. At the time of the renewal, co-owner Jordan Lewis had just spent a seven-figure amount to install a carbon filtration system that seems to be working.

Tuesday was the first quarterly meeting to address the smell. Such meetings, and a hotline set up to report odor complaints, also were a condition of the license renewal.

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