A man lights a joint in a cannabis club in Barcelona, Spain on Aug. 22, 2014 . (David Ramos, Getty Images file)

Aspen, with rest of Colorado, grapples with possibilities for pot clubs

ASPEN — A Denver-based event producer has called on the City Council to reconsider allowing pot clubs in Aspen.

Freddie Wyatt, president of Munch & Co., urged council members at their Monday meeting to legalize private cannabis clubs. His reason: There’s nowhere to legally consume marijuana products in Aspen except for one’s home. Even so, users continue to consume in places they’re not allowed to, he said.

“I’d like you to do some due diligence of how we can get cannabis in Aspen in a safe environment, just like we do with alcohol being regulated,” Wyatt said during the citizen comments portion of the meeting.

A private pot club would get users “off your streets” and “in a private place that is safe.” He said pot clubs would be no different than bars in Aspen, which have an open-container law.

Earlier this week, a plan for a private “vape party” at Turks music club in Snowmass Village during the X Games was rejected by authorities.

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Freddie Wyatt interview on The Cannabist Show (cue to the 4:30 mark):

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