The Bug Theatre is bringing back "Night of the Living Dead" through Oct. 31. (Mel Aman for DenverMind Media, provided by Bug Theatre)

Highlights: Strange and wonderful Colorado happenings Oct. 23-31

It’s a mud, mud, mud, mud world right now — perfect weather for staying warm and toasted inside. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (only from laughing so hard), and maybe scream at this week’s offerings, from a unique art party to a unique comedy show to, well, “Night of the Living Dead” was unique when it first came out, but have you seen it live?

The Sh*ttiest Little Art Party (Oct. 23)

Sometimes being stoned at an art show is the only way to enjoy it. Some friends and I have made a habit of gathering for First Fridays on Santa Fe while pleasantly buzzed, which definitely improves some of the offerings — plus, free food, right?

The Sh*ttiest Little Art Party at the Bakery Arts Warehouse from 8-11 p.m. promises to be fun, though, no matter your mindset: First, there’s new art by Justin Sonny Eagles, a self-described “psychopath and pervert,” whose pieces run the gamut from disturbing to more disturbing. You can wear a costume or not, but definitely partake in the inexplicable yet delightful-sounding food, including cupcakes, creampuffs and an apple spice cocktail. Also, there will be cornhole (using…tea bags) and dancing on bubble wrap, and a $2 donation to the otherwise free event nets you a pack of candy cigarettes. Click here for details

Propaganda! (Oct. 25)

On the last Sunday of every month, Matt Monroe gathers a group of talented comedians, local and national, and lets them loose at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret starting at 8 p.m. The lineup this time includes Emily Maya Mills from Comedy Central and Hollywood Improv alum Scott Boxenbaum. Added bonus: It’s free! Click here for details

“Night of the Living Dead,” Live (through Oct. 31)

Zombies, zombies, zombies. They’re everywhere right now, but director George Romero was the first to truly capture the joy and terror that is the walking dead (the film was controversial when it first came out for its high level of gore). The Bug Theatre will share his vision live on stage – it’s their seventh time, but they promise that this year will be “bigger and bloodier than ever,” so get ready to grip your seat. Tickets start at $15. Click here for details

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