Toys of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s are on display at History Colorado Center, where you might see something similar to this stylin' couple: Ken and Barbie go disco. (Photo courtesy of Mattel/Newsmakers via Getty Images)

Highlights: Strange and wonderful Colorado happenings Sept. 11-15

Don’t let go of festival fever yet — there are still plenty of ways to put yourself in the midst of a large, paranoia-provoking crowd to test your abilities to self-soothe. Or, just go sit in a brightly lit but cozy room to play quietly with some toys. Your call.

Toys of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, History Colorado Center (through Oct. 4)

I know, right? It might seem as though there couldn’t be enough sativa in the world to stay awake through a history museum, but History Colorado Center always comes up with something cool, and this time it’s three living rooms’ worth of irresistible toys that you’re allowed to play with.

Gumby! Mr. Potato Head! And good luck dragging yourself away from the Spirograph… Open daily 10 a.m.-5 p.m. for that early-in-day buzz, or on the third Tuesday of the month it’s open until 9 p.m. – that’s Sept. 15 this time, and the last time because the exhibit closes Oct. 4. Cost: $12. Click here for details

Denver Flea (Sept. 12-13)

So, at last year’s Fall Denver Flea event, a girlfriend and I each ate a piece of Mile High Mints from Incredibles – and who knows how much THC was actually in it – and I had one of the best shopping experiences ever. I’d been worried that I would just go crazy buying everything, but the mellowing high made me more thoughtful about my purchases.

I wound up getting several Christmas gifts that went over big (including a gorgeous hand-crafted silver ring for one of my daughters), and I also felt no need to drink any of the wonderful local beers they offered (for a fee, of course). Then, suddenly exceptionally motivated, we went back to her house and made some really great jewelry from stuff we had lying around (albeit verrry slowly).

Choose your own artisanal adventure Saturday or Sunday from noon to dusk each day at Sculpture Park, where more than 150 vendors will ply their hand-crafted wares – from kitschy to stitchy to downright awe-inspiring – and food trucks and live music will round out the day. Free; food and drink cost extra. Click here for more details

Boulder Adventure Film Fest (Sept. 12-13)

Go higher with this film series that is all about climbing things that maybe weren’t meant to be climbed and propelling yourself every which way, all of which is guaranteed to make your jaw drop about a hundred times – how did they do that? – and also make you want to get out there.

You get to check it all out from the comfort of a seat in the Boulder Theater, and then afterward check out the Adventure Street Fair for live music, a beer garden (Saturday only) and gear for sale. Doors open at noon; the films – billed as ranging from “extreme sports” to “activism through adventure” — begin at 1 p.m. Cost: $55 for both days (food and drink cost extra), or $35 for one. You can check out a trailer for the films at the same time you click here for more details.