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Week in Weed: What is Rose McGowan smoking? Plus, Lucy and Ethel

There are many blurred lines when it comes to cannabis — what is legal and where, who can say they use marijuana and who can’t. This week’s celebrity shot is Miss Rose McGowan, with the actress smoking something that looks like it could very well be a joint. And after the mix-up she went through in 2011, when she accidentally left out a tray of medicated brownies for several realtors at a showing of her home, we certainly can’t rule it out!

Also this week we see early-TV’s Lucy and Ethel, reimagined. And what does a professional pot critic’s coffee table look like?

Which shot is your favorite? Show me what I should have included in the comments below!

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June 15, 2015

1. Rose McGowan, smoking on something, your call.

2. Favorite flowers.

3. Wisdom with Albert.

4. German and “virtually unbreakable.”

5. When you have the world’s best job.

I can't tell you what I'm doing until it airs… but today confirms it, I have the best job in the world.

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6. Juana burn? Why, yes I do!

7. Shopping local, 100%.

8. Now THAT would have been an interesting episode.

#Ilovelucy #lucilleball #420 #weed #rap #hollywood #money

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9. Pot critic still life by The Cannabist’s Jake Browne.

For one lucky little boy, #710 came early this year. #dab #dabsrus #errl

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10. What do your meds look like?

11. I’ll be my own guest, thank you.

12. In Colorado, a company party means a private smoking bus.

13. Respect the herb.

14. Doesn’t get much more natural.

"Lucent" #envy #envyglassdesigns

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15. Ten commandments of marijuana.