Rica Madrid poses for a photograph as she smokes pot in her home on the first day of legal possession of marijuana for recreational purposes on Feb. 26, 2015 in Washington D. C. (Alex Brandon, AP)

Watch: An activist who lives in Denver and D.C. compares cities’ pot systems

Sure, cannabis is legal in Washington D.C.

But where can you buy an eighth of Blue Dream in Georgetown?

“The black market is the obvious choice,” one D.C. resident recently told the Washington Post.

It’s quite a different weed economy than Colorado and Washington state, where stores sell marijuana to anyone 21 and older. And Students for Sensible Drug Policy executive director Betty Aldworth knows this better than most, as she has residences in both Denver and Washington D.C. — and she also is one of the authors of Colorado’s pot-legalizing Amendment 64.

Watch Aldworth talk about the home grows, the medical dispensaries, the underground market and the seed exchanges in our nation’s capital — and how that system compares to that of Colorado’s — in the clip above.

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