Sheriffs file lawsuit vs. Colorado over recreational marijuana

Lawsuit: Sheriffs from Colorado, elsewhere challenge Amendment 64

Sheriffs and prosecutors from across Colorado and neighboring states filed a lawsuit Thursday in Denver federal district court challenging the constitutionality of Amendment 64, which legalized recreational marijuana use and sales.

Carroll: Like it or not, CSO must abide by Amendment 64

Opinion: Like it or not, CSO must abide by Amendment 64

Imagine a green light for virtually any club, bar or concert to allow open consumption of marijuana provided it sold tickets and confined pot use to an open-air area not visible from outside. Can anyone seriously claim that’s what Coloradans voted for in 2012?


Ohio group aims to get state pot amendment back on 2016 ballot

A group hoping to put a marijuana legalization issue on Ohio’s ballot this fall says it won’t wait to see if state lawmakers act on medical marijuana and will push ahead with its proposal, despite the failure of a separate effort in November.