Is this 420-friendly Denver Police post ‘the coolest police tweet of all time’?

At 6:30 p.m. on 4/20 Eve, the Denver Police tweeted out a smart hip-hop reference as a part of their plea for 4/20 revelers to “#ConsumeResponsibly this 4/20 weekend.”

When I first saw the tweet I asked myself, “Is that a Chamillionaire shout-out?” Sure enough, the department referenced the multiplatinum rapper’s biggest hit, “Ridin,” in their savvy message on social media.

The DPD’s tweet: “We see you rollin, but we ain’t hatin’ HAHA… Seriously though, #Denver, please remember to #ConsumeResponsibly this 4/20 weekend.”

After asking the department if they had just thrown out a Chamillionaire reference on 4/20 weekend and getting confirmation from the DPD that “#PoliceLikeToJamToo,” HuffPo’s marijuana reporter Matt Ferner said what the rest of the Internet was thinking.

Ferner’s response: “@DenverPolice I’m calling it: This is officially the coolest police tweet of all time.” And the title of his resulting column: “Denver Police Tweet Supportive Marijuana Message For 4/20 Rally.”

Cannabis citations: Denver cops issue 160 pot-related tickets over 4/20 weekend

If you’re unfamiliar with the Grammy-winning (and Weird Al-parodied) reference material, have a listen below. Also: Wondering what “ridin dirty” means? According to Urban Dictionary: “Driving in an automobile while having at least a felony charge worth of illegal drugs and or unregistered firearms with you.”