A man listens to rapper Too Short perform on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at Civic Center Park in Denver during the 4/20 Rally weekend event. (Brent Lewis, The Denver Post)

Denver Police issued around 100 pot-related tickets on Sunday, 4/20 Eve

Denver Police issued around 100 pot-related citations — the majority of which were for public consumption — on the Sunday of 4/20 weekend, according to a spokesman.

“Our biggest concern any day is that people are acting in a safe manner and not doing anything that’s hazardous or harmful to others,” said Sonny Jackson, spokesman for the Denver Police Department.

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Of the approximately 100 pot-related tickets given by Denver Police on 4/20 Eve, most were for the public consumption of marijuana, Jackson said.

When combined with the DPD’s 60 citations given the previous day, that’s 160 tickets total for the weekend. And more will likely be given today, 4/20 actual, when people gather in Civic Center — the home of the city’s mammoth 4/20 Rally — and elsewhere throughout the city.

The police department tweeted out the city of Denver’s cannabis fact sheet a number of times throughout the weekend. In addition to reminding the public that you must be 21 to partake and it’s illegal to drive while under the influence, the sheet also includes the line: “It is illegal to consume marijuana in public.”