The Cannabist Show: Guests Dan Skye, editor of High Times magazine; Bob Eschino, president of edibles company Incredibles; and Sam Cole, spokesman at CDOT.

Cannabist Show: He runs High Times; He makes edibles; He says ‘Drive high, get a DUI’

Here’s what’s happening on The Cannabist Show, episode No. 5, featuring guests Dan Skye, editor-in-chief of High Times magazine; Bob Eschino, president of Colorado edibles company Incredibles; and Sam Cole, communications manager at the Colorado Department of Transportation.

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Top cannabis news: It’s 4/20 weekend, so if you’re looking for some 4/20 Denver fun, or if you’re looking for interviews with some of the stars playing Colorado this weekend — like 2 Chainz, who is playing the Cannabis Cup, and comedian Doug Benson, who is playing three friggin’ shows on 4/20 — look no further. Also: Some tips on safely getting around Denver that don’t involve you driving.

Speaking of the Cannabis Cup, the open and free sampling of marijuana, edibles and concentrates that has been a Cup tradition for years won’t happen as freely at the Denver event this weekend. Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division released a bulletin earlier this month giving direction to the state’s licensed businesses, including pot shops and companies that make edibles and concentrates, saying they cannot legally offer samples of marijuana or marijuana products at the Cannabis Cup and other events outside of their own shops.

To understand the magnitude of the MED’s bulletin, it helps to know what the Cup has looked like in the past. So let’s take you on a stroll through last year’s Cup: First of all, it felt like another country altogether because you’re walking through rows and rows of vendors peddling glass pipes, T-shirts and vape pens in an outdoor parking lot that was permanently hot-boxed. Lines formed at all the sampling booths for cannabis flower, high-percentage concentrates, glass and dab rigs. A food truck gave away hundreds of pot-infused sandwiches, and the Incredibles booth hosted a surreal fountain of melted, infused chocolate that served more than 30,000 fans’ skewered marshmallows and pound cake.

Our featured guests

• Not only is he High Times’ editor-in-chief, but he’s also been with the magazine for more than 25 years — Dan Skye!

• He is president of one of the biggest edibles companies in Colorado. And do you remember that infused chocolate fountain that was at last year’s Cannabis Cup we mentioned earlier? That’s right, this is the guy who made that happen — Bob Eschino!

• He has an important role in educating the public on the laws surrounding cannabis in Colorado. As the communications manager of the Colorado Department of Transportation, he’s helped to spread the word on CDOT’s ‘Drive High, Get a DUI’ campaign — Sam Cole!

Take the Pot Quiz: Let’s talk late-night hosts and their weed jokes, potentially delayed edibles rollouts and stoner comedy meow film heroes meow.

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