"Getting Doug with High" host Doug Benson (left) lights a bottle-pipe for Felipe Esparza while Josh Blue pulls back his hair. (Screen cap courtesy of Jash)

‘Last Comic’ champs Josh Blue, Felipe Esparza on ‘Getting Doug with High’

Comedian and stoner hero Doug Benson has welcomed plenty of weed-friendly stand-ups on his Jash talk show “Getting Doug with High,” including Sarah Silverman, Tommy Chong, Jack Black, Andy Samberg, Reggie Watts and the ladies of “Broad City.”

But given the Mile High City’s thriving comedy scene, fully legal weed and Benson’s own affection for the area (he stops by Comedy Works frequently), we were starting to wonder when a Denver-based comedian would make the list.

That changed when Denver comic Josh Blue, the “Last Comic Standing” winner and national headliner, joined Benson and fellow “Comic” winner Felipe Esparza for Benson’s latest episode.

As usual, it’s a meandering 48 minutes of jokey conversation, cannabis consumption and the occasional ad, but Blue gets some choice lines in — including when he reveals that the pot he brought for the show was accidentally left in his luggage from Denver. “Not once have I heard (of) anyone leaving Denver get busted for weed,” Blue says.

“I feel better already!” he adds before exhaling his first hit from one of the many pipes and other smoking devices on the interview table. Later, as Esparza prepares to do a dab on camera, Benson reveals that Blue will be filming his latest one-hour special at the University of Denver in June.

Will we see more pot-friendly comics from Denver, like T.J. Miller and Ben Kronberg, on future episodes? Or even a comedian who’s currently living in Denver? Stranger things have happened.