Comedians Tommy Chong, left, and Cheech Marin

Tommy Chong wants White House pardon for selling bongs

In an unprecedented late-term clemency push, President Obama has commuted the sentences of 673 offenders and pardoned 70 more. Now Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong fame, hopes to be one of them.

Pot group doesn't want Tommy Chong's help lobbying Congress

Pot industry group lobbying Congress doesn’t want Tommy Chong’s help

The National Cannabis Industry Association wants Congress to see pot smokers as respectable professionals, not stoned slackers, so they decided against having “Cheech and Chong” actor Tommy Chong represent the group as a celebrity marijuana activist on a Hill visit scheduled for late April.

Pot group doesn't want Tommy Chong's help lobbying Congress

Tommy Chong tells all: I couldn’t talk pot while ‘Dancing with the Stars’

“I’m celebrating my first day of freedom,” is the first thing out of Tommy Chong’s mouth when we spoke via telephone on Nov. 26. “I just came from the (‘Dancing with the Stars’) Mirror Ball Competition, and now I’m going to the Cannabis Cup.” That Chong, one of marijuana’s most notable spokesmen, can jump directly from one of ABC’s biggest television shows to one of counterculture’s most celebrated events speaks to pot’s growing global position in 2014. That said, primetime TV isn’t quite ready for dancing pot activists.

Video: Tommy Chong cha-chas and ABC plays up the pot angle on "DWTS"

Video: Tommy Chong cha-chas and ABC plays up the pot angle on “DWTS”

Tommy Chong made his “Dancing With the Stars” debut on Monday night in the premiere of the 19th season of ABC’s popular prime-time staple. The network certainly didn’t shy away from the stoney history of the comedian/actor/director (and Pueblo dispensary endorser).

Stoner celeb Tommy Chong, Pueblo dispensary have endorsement deal

Tommy Chong, Pueblo shop have deal for endorsements

As if Colorado’s weed-happy image needed a boost, it’s getting one from a legendary stoner. Tommy Chong has entered into a business deal to use his name and product endorsements at a Pueblo pot shop.

“We got it legal:” Comedian Tommy Chong visits Pueblo pot shop

By 7News Actor, comedian and marijuana activist Tommy Chong visited a marijuana shop in Pueblo over the weekend. Chong, of the famous “Cheech and Chong” comedy duo, visited Marisol Therapeutics to celebrate the legalization of recreational marijuana. “Everything I stood for, everything I went to jail for, everything I believed…

Comedians Tommy Chong, left, and Cheech Marin

Cheech & Chong on Colorado crash course

Stoner heroes Cheech & Chong are returning to Colorado in a big way March 22 with a show at Broomfield’s 1stBank Center, with music from War.

California Marijuana

California cannabis festivals will be different in 2018, but many freedoms remain

Some 25,000 people are expected to head to San Bernardino this weekend to watch hip-hop shows, sample marijuana products and celebrate cannabis culture during Tommy Chong’s Blazers Cup. The festival is one of a couple dozen marijuana-themed events held each year at the city’s National Orange Show center. And California’s…