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On stoned rabbits: ‘Rabbits are getting high anyway. Better that it be legal’

When The Onion hits, it truly connects.

Take yesterday’s American Voices poll, for example. The elite fake-news site asked three fake people what they think about the DEA agent who warned a Utah state Senate panel about legal medical marijuana leading to stoned bunny rabbits. True story: The DEA agent said he came across “rabbits that had cultivated a taste for the marijuana” while eradicating illegal pot farms in the wild back-country.


The Onion’s answers were instant classics. Our favorite, to the left, had a man pondering: “Rabbits are going to be getting high anyway. Better that it be safe, legal, and regulated.”

Another essential answer: “After all the lies that have been spread about the dangers of marijuana, it’s kind of nice to hear a new irrational fear.”

Remember The Onion headline “Colorado legalizes medicinal fireworks”? That was another fun read: “Establishing Colorado as a pioneer in recognizing the therapeutic benefits of explosions, a new law passed Tuesday will allow state residents with a doctor’s prescription to acquire small quantities of medicinal fireworks.”

What about The Onion’s “Everyone knows you’re high” video, with alternate endings and all?

See the whole stoned rabbits poll.