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Stonington High School in Conn. compared to prison after drug sweep

STONINGTON, Conn. — A Board of Education member has criticized the use of police dogs at Stonington High School in December to search for drugs.

The Day reports that Craig Esposito on Thursday compared principal Mark Friese to a warden and the school to a prison.

Friese explained that eight police dogs from area departments searched school hallways, locker rooms and parking lots for illegal drugs Dec. 12 while students remained in their classrooms. Two students were cited for possession of marijuana.

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Esposito said two violations show there’s not a problem, but an overreaction.

But Friese said illegal drugs are increasing and a strong message is needed to keep drugs out of the school.

Board of Education Chairman Frank Todisco said the board approved the policy allowing police dogs in school.

Information from: TheDay.com