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The Week in Weed: A supreme Rick Ross/B-Real selfie & 14 other pot pics

Hip-hop heavyweight Rick Ross and Cypress Hill’s B-Real step it up this week with a smoking selfie at the first of this year’s Cannabis Cup events by High Times. There are a boatload of concentrates in this roundup too. What’s my favorite flick? It has to be the must-have memo pad for every pothead with roommates.

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Feb. 9, 2015

1. Happy Birthday, Bob! (Feb. 6)

2. Solid gold.

3. Colorado collegiate cannabis coverage.

4. A drink with your dank, perhaps?

5. Rick Ross and B-Real in full effect at the SoCal Cannabis Cup (ICYMI: B-Real will soon be slinging (legal) weed in Cali).

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Method Man, Redman, Cypress Hill, Collie Buddz performing at Denver fest on 4/20/15

6. They call me Mellow Yellow.

7. Full melt is no joke.

8. While you were out medicating…

9. Private reserve status, for stoners.

10. Talk about a gridiron great.

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11. Amazing forearm-sized joint.

12. 80mg of hash per bar.

13. Not the layer cake I’m used to.

14. The only kind of sugar daddy I want.

15. Shopping in a legal state (just a wee bit of exaggeration).

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