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The Week in Weed: Wiz’s smoke sesh, Fred Flintstone dabs & more pot pics

This time around, the always-willing rapper Wiz Khalifa lets you smoke a blunt with him. We’ve also discovered the best medicated cinnamon bun on Instagram and other tasty treats. Then there is the vending machine of every pothead’s dreams. Roll up a fatty and enjoy this week’s picks.

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Jan. 13, 2014

1. Cupcake, anyone?

This #dabart is impressive… Tag a friend you would dab this with… By @hella__kitty

A photo posted by Myster – #Stashtray & #Fogpen (@mysterhighend) on

2. No, for real — cupcake, anyone?

3. Wiz is feeling groovy.

I wanna groove w/ u :)

A video posted by Wiz Khalifa (@mistercap) on

4. Deal.

#NoFilter #ShotBy @alicemooncollective

A photo posted by Slamindabs™ (@slammingdabs) on

5. Canadian cannabis looks pretty tasty, eh?

6. So that’s what he meant by “Yabba Dab-ba do.”

7. “Bluntz or die” — with a nod to Neapolitan ice cream.

Bluntz or die #bluntlife

A photo posted by @bongsgalore on

8. Pre-rolled and pre-lit! (Have you heard about the real-life pot vending machine?)

9. Aptly named strain: God’s Gift.

10. Boston dabbing style.

11. Know anyone who could use this sign?


A photo posted by ilm420 (@ilm420) on

12. Or this blunt?

Wax Wrap #oneday#dabart#instagood

A photo posted by Jay Ondras (@jayondras) on

13. Hairy Dragon Berry.

14. The only cinnamon bun for me.
(Check out some of The Cannabist’s many sweet recipes.)

15. Hint: It’s usually me.

#Stoner#Stoned#High#Blazed #Blowed#WeedNation#BluntLife #HighTimes#Trippy#Hippie#420 #SmokeWeedEveryday

A photo posted by Juan (@juanpelon2345) on

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