Downtown Breckenridge (Carl Scofield, Associated Press file)

Breckenridge voters reject pot shops on Main Street

Breckenridge voters have spoken: They don’t want recreational pot shops on Main Street.

On Tuesday, just shy of a year after recreational marijuana hit the market, the town of Breckenridge held a nonbinding, advisory election on whether to change or uphold an ordinance banning retail dispensaries downtown. Residents voted against retail marijuana by a margin of more than 2-to-1, with 925 votes against and 400 votes for Main Street shops.

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The turnout represents nearly half of all registered voters — easily one of the largest showings for a special election in Breckenridge, town officials said.

After missing the deadline for a November ballot question, the town council opted to hold a special election in December. The result isn’t binding, but the overwhelming no vote will likely influence the council’s final decision.


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