Pictured: Denver International Airport (Craig F. Walker, Denver Post file)

Guess what one TSA agent found in a peanut butter jar at Denver’s airport?

Now that’s sticky-icky.

Somebody flying out of Denver International Airport last week packed their pipe and weed into a jar of peanut butter that was stowed in their checked luggage in the hopes of enjoying a taste of Colorado when they got home — but they never made it that far.

The Transportation Security Administration posted the pot-and-peanut butter concoction on its Instagram via the hashtag #TSACatch, which they use to show the traveling public what you’re not supposed to fly with.

Much of the TSA’s Instas are guns…

… knives …

… and explosives …

… but sometimes they’ll sneak in a drug shot.

“TSA’s screening procedures, which are governed by federal law, are focused on security and are designed to detect potential threats to aviation and passengers,” the TSA wrote on their Instagram. “As has always been the case, if during the security screening procedures an officer discovers an item that may violate federal law, TSA refers the matter to law enforcement. This was the case after our officers discovered an anomaly inside a peanut butter jar in a checked bag at #Denver (#DEN) International Airport.”

Now we just need to figure out: Is that brown square a small edible or a block of pressed hash? What do you think?

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