Calming, fun experience or dismantled robot? (File photo by Getty Images)

Vape Poll: Are you annoyed by the now-ubiquitous vape pens and e-cigs?

Cannabist writer John Wenzel just published an opinion piece under the title Why vaping is the dumbest thing ever, and it’s causing something of a stir, as you might imagine.

Wenzel’s point: If you’re using vape pens for health and wellness and medicine, go for it. But if you’re doing it for style or trendiness or the high, even, why bother?

“I’ll admit,” Wenzel writes, “I think ‘vape’ is a dumb-sounding word and generally looks about as cool as wearing a Bluetooth headset. I’m also partial to the idea that it’s a ‘half-high,’ a poseur way of consuming cannabis and/or nicotine … People have been smoking cannabis and tobacco for thousands of years, maintaining a visceral, primal connection with something that grows naturally. Sucking on a machine puts up a wall between you and the thing you’re supposedly committed to consuming.”

But we’re curious about how you feel on the subject. Has the vape pen revolution started to annoy you yet?

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