'Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time' (Cut)

Viral, bong-hitting grandma supports legalization but won’t get high again

Everyone’s favorite weed-smoking grannies are back — this time with a statement.

It seems Dorothea (or as you probably know her: the timid grandma in the middle of the infamous smoke sesh) has come to the conclusion that smoking pot is just not for her because she doesn’t like the way it makes her lose control. On the other hand, she is totally in favor of everyone else smoking pot to their heart’s desire. “I don’t understand what the big deal is about being high on marijuana,” the bong-hitting grandma told TMZ.

Maybe you should watch the original video again: Here’s the extended cut of ‘Grandmas smoking weed for the first time’

Wondering where these wonderful human beings came from and whose grandmas they really are? Director Mike Gaston explained in an interview with Animal that finding them was actually extremely difficult. After sorting through the usual suspects of the filmmakers’ own grandmas as well as friends’ grandmothers, it was clear that finding an old lady who was down and had never smoked weed before was going to be a challenge. “We’d meet grandmas who’d claimed they’d never smoked weed, but after just a little bit of grilling, it was clear that they had, but like 40 years before,” Gaston explained. They ultimately had to turn to a talent agency who found two of the grannies and then provided one of their own grandmas to close out the shoot.

The Cut crew is busy at work on a follow-up video featuring the grandmas sober and discussing the experience — rest assured it probably won’t be as funny, but it might do a thing or two for the perception of marijuana.

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