The scene outside the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam (

Top 25 tweets: Amsterdam Cannabis Cup hits a snag. Now what do we do?

The Amsterdam Cannabis Cup has hit a snag. Organizer High Times is changing the event’s rules to abide by the Netherlands’ laws. And the scene on the ground is “scattered,” according to our man on the street.

So now what do we do?

Scroll down to see 25 top tweets that tell the saga of the 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup:

Trouble in Amsterdam:
A special report from The Cannabist

High Times’ cultivation editor speaks from Amsterdam: “It’s unfortunate that the land that once liberated cannabis has now taken a conservative approach to its use”

Trying to move on: Amsterdam Cannabis Cup opens doors for Day 2, but crowd frustrated

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Not the best way to start out your Cup: Amsterdam Cannabis Cup‬ was shut down today for fear that “all participants would be arrested”

New rules for Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, after the shut-down: No dabs. No torches. No sharing weed. And others

Live from Amsterdam: Our pot critic’s view of “scattered” Cannabis Cup scene

So what happened?

People aren’t happy.

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