(Matilde Campodonico, Associated Press file)

Colorado funds pot breathalyzer: Company to develop ‘fast’ THC test

A Wheat Ridge maker of breathalyzers used to detect blood alcohol has landed at $250,000 grant from the Colorado Office of Economic Development to develop a similar instrument to assess THC impairment. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana.

The grant, which requires matching funds from the company, will allow Lifeloc Technologies to speed development of a tool that will be marketed to law enforcement, corrections, schools and workplaces.

Real talk: Could a roadside pot breathalyzer be in our future?

“There is no equivalent of a marijuana breathalyzer today. Law enforcement does not have a fast, reliable and non-invasive THC impairment test available at roadside,” Lifeloc president Barry Knott said in a statement.

The grant flows through the Colorado Advanced Industries Accelerator Program. Lifeloc, which is traded over the counter, makes evidential breath alcohol testers for use by law enforcement and the workplace.

This story was first published on DenverPost.com