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Could a roadside marijuana breathalyzer be in our future?

The reality of the marijuana breathalyzer may soon be on the horizon. A former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer has reportedly developed the first inception of a breath test aimed at giving law enforcement agencies the tools to bust stoned motorists.

According to a report by CTV News, the Cannabix Breathalyzer was developed by retired RCMP drug enforcement agent Kal Malhi, who says he was moved to develop the device based on his belief that fear of prosecution is ultimately what deters the average person from getting behind the wheel under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

This exchange really happened: Officer asks, “Are you smoking marijuana?” and driver replies, “Why, yes I am, Officer”

“People are becoming very afraid to drink and drive nowadays because they feel that they will get caught and charged, but they’re not afraid to drug and drive because they don’t feel that law enforcement will do anything about it,” said Malhi, adding that he feels confident his invention will change that.

Malhi’s cannabis-detecting contraption, which was developed under the engineering guidance of Dr. Raj Attariwala and Dr. Bruce Goldberger, is said to work similar to that of traditional breath tests used for year by police agencies to gauge alcohol impairment.

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