Snoop Dogg performs at Red Rocks on April 20, 2014. (Seth A. McConnell, file)

Snoop hosting music fest for gov candidate Dunafon

Snoop Dogg is organizing a multi-day music and comedy festival in the Denver area on Halloween weekend — a.k.a. a few days before the general election — and Snoop will be performing and raising awareness for Colorado gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunafon, the Dunafon campaign told The Cannabist on Wednesday.

Not only is Snoop putting together the Yes We Cannabis Festival and posting photos of he and Dunafon on his Instagram — but the rapper also added more than a minute’s worth of rhymes to Dunafon’s campaign song, “The Trap,” which Dunafon created with hip-hopper Wyclef Jean.

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“Snoop and Mike are very pleased to be collaborating over what we hope will be a groundbreaking festival,” Patrick Guthrie, Dunafon’s campaign manager, told The Cannabist. “We’re trying to raise awareness globally, nationally and statewide on the importance of Millennials taking an active role in political participation by registering to vote and voting with purpose for candidates who have a common-sense approach to legalization.”

Colorado independent gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunafon
Colorado independent gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunafon (Cyrus McCrimmon, Denver Post file)

The Yes We Cannabis Festival will take place over Halloween weekend at the Infinity Park sports and entertainment complex in Glendale, Colo. — a unique collision of Dunafon’s past and present, since he was one of Infinity Park’s lead developers and he currently serves as Glendale’s mayor.

Surely there will be more than a few appearances from Dunafon at the festival — not to mention repeated over-the-mic shout-outs to vote on Nov. 4.

There’s plenty of speculation on the Yes We Cannabis Festival’s lineup, but Guthrie said Snoop Dogg is the only artist they can announce at the moment. When asked if rapper Jean will make the event, Guthrie said, “Wyclef isn’t confirmed at this time. He’s in the middle of a European tour.”

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But will Snoop and Dunafon perform “The Trap” at the fest?

“I have no doubt it will be played on Halloween weekend,” said Guthrie.

The festival’s current layout will have comedians performing inside the park’s facilities and the music outside — a brave plan considering Colorado’s late-October weather patterns, which often have kids snow-proofing their Halloween costumes.

Dunafon’s message of individual rights and cannabis legalization is connecting with these hip-hop artists, Guthrie said, and that’s where all of these collaborations are coming from.

“In the case of Wyclef Jean, he was able to appreciate Mike’s message of freedom and individual rights and common sense,” said Guthrie. “Our collaboration with Snoop is the same exact thing. Snoop and Mike spent a few minutes talking about their common goals and unity of vision, and Snoop volunteered to do all of this.”