Rapper Snoop Dogg (Seth A. McConnell, Heyreverb.com file)

Snoop Dogg raps his endorsements: ‘Vote Mike Dunafon, so says Snoop’

The media surrounding Mike Dunafon’s campaign for Colorado governor resembles hip-hop magazine The Source more closely than Politico these days.

Dunafon partied with Snoop Dogg and made numerous appearances on the rapper’s personal Instagram account. He recorded his campaign song, “The Trap,” with multiplatinum MC/producer Wyclef Jean. He took part in a gubernatorial debate co-moderated by Professor Griff, formerly of Public Enemy. He organized a political rally disguised as a music and comedy festival with Snoop Dogg and other hip-hop luminaries who will also perform. And there are rumors that other high-profile endorsements from A-list hip-hoppers are en route.

Colorado independent gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunafon
Colorado independent gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunafon (Cyrus McCrimmon, Denver Post file)

Now Dunafon has exclusively shared a new remix of his campaign song “The Trap” with The Cannabist, and while we can’t share the unmastered track with our readers, we can tell you what to expect when the track drops.

The original mix of “The Trap” has Dunafon exchanging verses with rapper Jean, but Snoop Dogg joins the fold on the remix beginning with, “Wake up in the morning feeling as good as I can/Heading to the voting booth so I can vote for my man.”

Some of Snoop’s rhymes make sense, other bits and pieces are nonsensical and randomly lyrical. Regardless, whether Snoop is endorsing Dunafon for Colorado governor or referencing the candidate’s short time as a Denver Bronco his intent is clear.

“Uncle Snoop politicking with my troops/Vote Mike Dunafon, so says Snoop/Real true playa, when Mike become the governor, he making me the mayor, yay-yeah.”

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“Snoop has done a remix where he’s added a minute-thirty of new rap lyrics, and we’re super-excited about that and think it’s totally dope and hope people find it interesting,” Patrick Guthrie, Dunafon’s campaign manager, told The Cannabist. “It changes the campaign song into a political ballad.”

At the track’s end Snoop shouts out: “Yo what up, man. This is big Snoop Dogg. You know what it is. I’m on my way down there right now to go vote. Yeah, Mike Dunafon for governor. Believe that.”

Mic dropped.