Singer-songwriter Lykke Li captioned this pic, "Denver, your fumes made me high. X" (via Tumblr)

Swedish singer Lykke Li: “Denver, your fumes made me high”

One doesn’t necessarily associate weed with Lykke Li — it’s more like severe unhappiness, heartbreak, terrible breakups. But after her Ogden Theatre show, the Swedish indie-pop singer joked on Twitter about Denver and its liberal weed consumption.

She also shared the above picture.

As we noted in our review of the show, Lykke Li seemed uncharacteristically happy at her Ogden show on Thursday. She was joking about weed and her dancing skills among other things. Now, we don’t want to jump to conclusions, but maybe Denver’s fumes put the normally brooding Li in a better mood.

Come back to Denver and enjoy our fumes any time you need them, Lykke.

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