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Colorado AG: “Legalization movement is coming to every state”

When Colorado’s Attorney General spoke with some of Columbia Law School’s brightest students earlier this month about legal marijuana in the Rocky Mountains, what did he have to share?

“The marijuana legalization movement is coming to every state in America,” Colorado Attorney General John Suthers told members of Columbia Law School’s National State Attorneys General Program on Sept. 10.

In Suthers’ talk to the group — which also included the campus chapters of the American Civil Liberties Union, American Constitution Society for Law and Policy and Federalist Society — he shared his perspective of Colorado cannabis. He touched on banking, edibles and an employer’s right to fire an employee for testing positive for marijuana.

Suthers also said he still stands firmly against the legalization of cannabis.

“I have been largely supportive of lessening penalties and decriminalizing small amounts of the drug,” Suthers said. “But I continue to oppose legalization. I believe it will negatively impact adolescent drug use and overall drug use in Colorado.”

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