Greg Morrison is hitting the road selling "100 percent cannabis-free” Totally High Country brownies in a Volkswagen camper. (Provided by Totally High Country Brownies)

Retired Colorado police chief finds novelty niche for weed-free brownies

GRAND JUNCTION — After 37 years in law enforcement, Greg Morrison was ready for something new. So the former police chief of Vail, Silverthorne and Grand Junction turned to selling brownies — faux pot brownies.

Morrison opened Totally High Country Brownies, Inc. recently and has taken to the road to hawk his brownies in a retro VW camper van he has named “Bud.”

“It’s a total spoof,” said Morrison, who is not kidding about making a profit from his brownies.

Really, that’s a thing?
Cannabis-infused coffee. A pizza chain’s quest for stoney sauce. A pop-up marijuana museum on wheels. Machine-rolled marijuana cigarettes. A food truck selling only infused edibles. The massage of your life, via a marijuana-infused lotion. Yes, really, these are all real things.

Morrison got the idea for his retirement job while he was traveling the country as a representative for a police radio manufacturer after he retired from law enforcement. He said everywhere he went people wanted to talk about Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana. He saw an opportunity.

His Totally High Country Brownies are “100 percent cannabis-free,” even with names like Mary Jane Plain, Cheeba Creme Brulee, Acapulco Gold Almond and Alice B. Toklas Toffee.

Morrison hired a baker to make the brownies in a commercial kitchen, and he packages them in boxes featuring the “Baked in Colorado” motto.

He said one of his first customers last week was a prison warden who bought a case of the brownies. He plans to take them to an out-of-state event to hand out as a joke.

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