New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Jeff Zelevansky, Getty Images)

20 top tweets: Why people don’t like N.J. Gov. Chris Christie visiting Colo.

As you might have heard, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in Colorado this week. Normally such a trip for Christie, an expected GOP presidential candidate in 2016, would be fairly routine.

Instead his Colorado trip is buried in hurt feelings and bruised egos because of some disparaging comments Christie made toward Colorado in April, when he questioned the state’s quality of life after voicing his strict anti-marijuana legalization views.

Denver Democrats were so moved by Christie’s Colorado visit that they made an angry ad spot about Bob Beauprez, the Republican gubernatorial candidate Christie is stumping for while he’s in the state. And as the local media questioned Christie on July 23 at a Denver diner about his comments from April he stood firm:

“I’m not backing off an inch from what I said,” he said.

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So how do folks really feel about Christie visiting Colorado?

They’re not too happy about it, according to current conversations happening now on Twitter. Catch up with us:

1. So Christie’s here — but will Coloradans offer him free weed like they did Obama?

2. Christie is pumping up Denver-rooted Republican Bob Beauprez on the visit.

3. Coloradans weren’t the only ones who noticed Christie’s slam on the state.

4. That said, some locals were really nice.

5. Some were ironic.

6. Some exaggerated, literally.

7. Some turned to Christie’s most notorious legacy.

8. OK, more than “some” went there.

9. Some took the opportunity to trash Bob Beauprez.

10. Others did the same.

11. It was a popular theme.

12. There were sour grapes and humor.

13. There was rudeness and weight jokes.

14. There was a Colorado Democrat response.

15. The local Dems’ even called him a “Colorado basher” — for shame.

16. There were protesters with signs.

17. There were questions asked that many were thinking.

18. There was some level-headed conversation.

19. There was a lonely sheriff in Aspen.

20. And there were the sarcastic.