New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has said marijuana will not be legalized in the state so long as he is governor. (Mel Evans, AP)

N.J. Gov. Christie: Move to Colorado if you want legal pot (video)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is telling his constituents they should move to Colorado if they want access to legal recreational marijuana.

“You say it’s going to come down the road,” Christie said on a call-in radio show on New Jersey 101.5 on Monday. “You know it may come down the road when I’m gone. It’s not going to come while I’m here … I don’t care about the tax money that may come from it. And I don’t care, quite frankly, that people think it’s inevitable. It’s not inevitable here. I’m not going to permit it — never — as long as I’m governor.

“You wanna elect somebody else who’s willing to legalize marijuana and expose our children to that gateway drug and the effects it has on their brain, you’ll have to live with yourself if you do that — but it’s not going to be this governor who does it.”

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Strong words from the Republican, especially considering that every major poll on the market points toward an America that favors the legalization of marijuana. But Christie pointed out the recent Journal of Neurosciences study that showed that even casual pot smokers’ brains undergo physical changes.

And that’s when Christie boldly told New Jersey residents they could head west if they disagreed.

“For the people who are enamored with the idea with the income, the tax revenue from this, go to Colorado and see if you want to live there,” he said. “See if you want to live in a major city in Colorado where there’s head shops popping up on every corner and people flying into your airport just to come and get high. To me, it’s just not the quality of life we want to have here in the state of New Jersey, and there’s no tax revenue that’s worth that.”