Legal cannabis-infused coffee -- yes, it's called Legal -- will go on sale in Washington state shops in July. (Legal)

Cannabis-infused coffee: Potent Legal brews, sodas will hit shelves in July

Cannabis and coffee, together.

It was only a matter of time before somebody brought new meaning to the popular stoner rite of passage “wake and bake.” And it makes perfect sense that such a creation is coming out of coffee-crazy Washington state, which will soon start the legal sale of recreational marijuana in the coming month or two.

Adam Stites of Longview, Wash., is that creative entrepreneurial genius. His cold-brewed coffee creation, Legal, comes packaged in a Stumptown-styled 11.5-ounce bottle and is infused with 20 milligrams of activated THC. Of Legal’s two coffees, one is black and the other has cream and sugar; There are also three infused sodas to pad the line, including pomegranate and lemon ginger. Bottles will likely retail between $9-$11, according to the Huffington Post.

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The products should be on pot shop shelves in Washington by July. But given some of the issues Colorado’s bustling marijuana market has faced since legal sales began there on Jan. 1 — mainly people getting too high on edibles — some might question Legal’s 20-milligram serving.

“We want the experience to be more similar to that if you had a nice IPA or glass of wine,” Stites told Elite Daily recently. “We don’t want to pack so much THC into every one of our drinks that it’s unpleasant, especially for people that are just getting into marijuana.”

The Colorado state government defines a single dose of marijuana as 10 milligrams of activated THC, and even that is too much for novice users. That said, the idea of a marijuana coffee is new and hot and drawing a lot of attention.

“I don’t think there’s anyone else out there doing cold brew with cannabis,” Stites told Seattle Weekly. “It’s certainly not like you show up with an eighth and a cup of Starbucks, there are various extraction methods and levels of refinement we go through in the process.”