Debris is strewn outside a house in Puyallup, Wash., on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. It is the aftermath of an explosion the night before recorded on video by neighbors. (Central Pierce Fire and Rescue via The Associated Press)

Video: See the butane explosions and fire in Wash. hash-oil extraction

Something’s rotten in the state of Washington.

An illegal hash oil extraction operation ended up in flames on Tuesday night in Puyallup, Washington — looking like a raging house fire and sounding like fireworks gone wrong in a home video filmed by a neighbor.

The truly compelling and scary video, below, shows flames and sporadic explosions across the property line. The people filming the fire called the police and fire department, and they kept video running until the first police car arrived.

“THC extraction process was going on here. It’s fairly new to us, something we’re still learning about, and they used basically butane gas to remove vegetation off of marijuana,” Sgt. Dan Pashon of the Puyallup Police Department told Seattle TV station KOMO.

How do they do that? We shot a video of how the butane extraction goes down. This is not for amateurs

According to KOMO, two people are being detained but nobody was injured in the explosion, which “destroyed their car and littered their yard with piles of marijuana and more than 300 cans of butane.”

The video is eye-opening evidence of a butane extraction gone wrong. And yet more and more people are attempting (and failing) in such endeavors. Colorado’s only state-certified adult burn center treated 10 people with serious injuries from making hash oil in the first four months of 2014 while they treated 11 in all of 2013 — and only one in 2012, according to an AP report.

“These today are the meth labs of the ’90s. We have to change our thinking and what we’re looking for,” Thornton Police Sgt. Pat Long told the AP.