Shatter made using "BHO" butane hash oil extraction. (Joe Amon, Denver Post file)

Video: How shatter hash is made

Shatter hash and other similar concentrates make up one of the fastest-growing facets of Colorado’s bustling marijuana industry — but shatter, which can be used for dabbing, is also still quite controversial.

Shatter can be dangerous to produce, as many have learned after blowing up their garages or hotel rooms. And it’s also an incredibly potent method of ingesting THC — hardly ideal for the inexperienced pot connoisseur.

Just how popular is shatter?

“At this point gold costs $43.50 a gram,” said Tucker Eldridge, master grower at Nature’s Herbs & Wellness, “and shatter costs $40 a gram off the shelf for medical patients. You add another 30% tax to that, and it ends up costing more than gold.”

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Shatter can sell recreationally for $60-$90 a gram, Eldridge said in the above video, by Denver Post photographer Joe Amon.

So why do some prefer shatter to flower or edibles?

“If you’re looking for something that’s significantly more potent, has significantly less adulterant plant matter, which is what combusts and produces carcinogens, then shatter hash is going to be more your cup of tea,” Eldridge said. “If you’re not looking for something that’s that potent it can be almost psychoactive.”