'High'er Education (Fox News)

Pot university draws ire: “Every Colorado official should be arrested”

How does the head of the International Faith Based Coalition feel about Clover Leaf University offering state-accredited, college-level cannabis classes in Colorado?

Bishop Ron Allen isn’t psyched about a pot university.

“This is a bunch of nonsense,” Allen told Fox News recently (as seen in the video above). “I think every Colorado state official should be arrested, convicted for the aiding and abetting of the education of drug dealers (and) drug pushers and the key thrown away. This type of education does nothing but further the destruction of families at home.”

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Later in the interview, Fox News anchor Anna Kooiman had this leading question for Allen: “Do you see any irony in this? Isn’t college a place where people typically go to get smarter, and some studies have been done that (show that) smoking marijuana actually lowers your IQ?”

See the full interview above.