This ginger snap marijuana cookie has 10 "servings" of THC. (AAron Ontiveroz, Denver Post file)

Editorial: Dangerous advice on edibles dosage when caution is crucial

In the wake of two deaths that might be associated with the consumption of marijuana edibles, retail pot shops should be advising customers to ingest small portions of any edible product to see how they react.

Instead, a CBS4 team last week found staff at several shops recommending much more than what the state designates as a single “serving” for a marijuana edible, which is one with 10 milligrams of THC.

“For me, 50 mg works,” one salesperson said. “So maybe try half the cookie? And then wait 45 minutes and try another half of a half?”

Forty-five minutes? State-required packaging says the effects “may be delayed for two or more hours.”

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Obviously, THC tolerance varies from individual to individual, just as with alcohol. But the standard edibles dosage advice for sales staff at retail shops should be conservative, both in portion size and in the waiting time for possible additional consumption.

Even if edibles weren’t the principal cause of the recent tragedies, the advice dispensed to CBS4 was highly irresponsible. THC is a powerful drug — even when it comes in the shape of a cookie.

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