"Broad City" co-creator and star Ilana Glazer is Chronic Gamer Girl. (Photo by Lane Savage, provided by Comedy Central)

High Scores: “Broad City” star Ilana Glazer even kookier in “Chronic Gamer Girl”

Fans of the weed-friendly Comedy Central breakout series “Broad City” know that Ilana Glazer frequently plays the fool to Abbi Jacobson’s more responsible, put-upon straight-woman.

But the cannabis-loving comedian and writer gets to be herself in her web series “Chronic Gamer Girl,” which gives the New York-based Glazer free reign to put on random Australian accents, gobble crazy junk food and play vintage video Nintendo and Sega Genesis titles, cards and board games.

“Chronic Gamer Girl” resumed its second season earlier this week on 4/20, so what better time to catch up with Glazer about her favorite games, munchies and more?

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