"Broad City" co-creator and star Ilana Glazer is Chronic Gamer Girl. (Photo by Lane Savage, provided by Comedy Central)

High Scores: “Broad City” star Ilana Glazer even kookier in “Chronic Gamer Girl”

(E-mail Q&A with Ilana Glazer)

The web show is pretty off-the-cuff and casual — basically just you playing games and cracking jokes, sometimes with your friends — but do you ever prepare in terms of what you’re going to talk about?

For Season 1 we prepared some bits here and there. Season 2, though, oh how we grew! The show is growing, and Season 2 is way more fleshed out and scripted than the first.

Do you have a favorite kind of weed or way of getting high for playing video games?

Hm, not really. Only when I’m in L.A. do I feel the difference between strains because people have like, little dishes of this and that. At home in NYC, though, at least right now, I’ll buy a bunch and have it for a while. So for video games it’s like — smoke a tiny bowl of whatever’s around, and I got myself a game sesh.

What’s a video game you played as a kid that blew your mind playing it high as an adult?

Holy fucking shit, Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalker.” Click here for the episode where I play it. That. Game. Blew. My. MIND. I could not believe the plot, I could not believe the portrayal of Michael saving kids! It is so very scary.

Do you have a favorite game outside of the Mario Bros. series?

No. Mario Bros is the ultimate. Tetris and Snood are cool, though.

Anything you’re looking forward to on the next-gen systems, or do you like playing more classic titles?

Classics are my fave. I’ve played some GTA and Madden 2K13, and NBA… super…stars? IDK, some NBA game that’s really new or whatever, and that shit makes me nauseous. Especially violent shit, get outta here. Classic triply shit. And honestly, I don’t game THAT much — gaming in Season 1 was fun because I learned so much, but trippy classics. But also, I can’t play for that that long consecutively. Nausea et al.

Do you think you’re a better gamer when you’re high?

No, but I don’t think it really makes a difference. Or maybe I just don’t care haha.

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Do you enjoy playing for its own sake or are you pretty competitive when it comes to playing online or against someone?

For its own sake, I don’t give a fuuuck.

You’ve said before that you like having a “poo poo platter” of sweet and salty snacks, but that you also like healthy food. Is the impressive menagerie of junk food mostly just for show?

Just for the show, baby! Though I been junkin’ out lately. But yeah, Alex Charak, my co-creator and co-everything for CGG is the smartass behind the sweets.

There aren’t a ton of loud, proud female gamers out there with your profile, and certainly hardly any who are proud stoners as well. Do you have a lot of female gamer friends or is it mostly dudes? Why do you think there aren’t more out there?

I think my friend and upcoming guest Kevin Barnett is probably my friend who is the biggest gamer. He once told me some of his best memories have happened on video games, and that made a big impression on me. I mean, Alex also knows every game because he’s tapped into da ‘zeitgeist.’

As far as gender inequality, I don’t fucking know. Why is everygoddamnthing like that? The people who own the gaming companies want to be represented in their own products and slow down, for as long as they can, the equality of representation, of the diversity of their customers.

And why not, let’s “never forget,” as they say, the following quote linked here:

“Rape happens. In a game, it can be shown tastefully–with a fully clothed victim, a flaccid aggressor, and the opportunity for the player to intervene.” —PlayStation Universe

Bye! Kill me! Blow up the earth, byeee after that quote. So that’s where, in history, the gaming industry is at as of late 2013. I’d love to contribute to the speeding up of change in the gaming industry.

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Are you planning a third season of Chronic Gamer Girl, or is “Broad City” getting to be too much of a handful?

I’m not planning a third web season currently, but I know I’ll miss it very quickly! I looove Chronic Gamer Girl. I have a saying: “We here at Chronic Gamer Girl love Chronic Gamer Girl.” I hope to be able to make the third season an expanded, funded version, eventually.

Do you have a favorite episode?

I really like the episodes with my brother Eliot, with Abbi, with the Lucas Brothers, the one with Alex cracks me up, the one with my baby Lucia Aniello, and the upcoming Kevin Barnett. I love CGG.

Please add anything else you think our stoney/gaming readers should know about it!

Thanks for wanting to talk! Congrats on living in Colorado.