Those who read Hebrew understand that this T-shirt -- by far the coolest at the Wake-N-Bacon brunch on 4/20 at Sugar Bakeshop -- reads "Gettin' Chai." (Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist)

21 videos: From the Cup to Wake-N-Bacon to 4/20 Rally

The big event — 4/20 itself — has landed. And we’re out among Denver catching up with people at the Cup, the Rally and the ancillary events associated with 4/20 weekend.

There’s more action to be had today, but here’s a video-centric update on 4/20 in Denver and Boulder:

1. Yesterday: Let’s start with a quick look back as Cannaibist marijuana critic Jake Browne talks about his first day at the Cannabis Cup.

2. Meanwhile on Welton Street: Cervantes is a miniature festival today with two Method Man & Redman shows, a big, outdoors Leftover Salmon show on the street and another show on the Other Side. Here’s the scene as doors were opening today.

3. Sunday brunch: Since many of these interviews took place at Edible Events’ Wake-N-Bacon brunch, hosted by local entrepreneur Amy Dannemiller – better known in Colorado’s cannabis community as Jane West – here is West talking about her brunch event from the sidewalk patio of Sugar Bakeshop in Denver’s Baker neighborhood.

4. Meanwhile in Boulder: The CU-Boulder campus is closed down for the second consecutive 4/20. Did they all come down to Denver?

5. Pot tourism: Brannon from the Travel Joint is in Colorado from Las Vegas to talk about his marijuana tourism company, which has partnered with companies such as Priceline and Uber.

6. I scream, ice cream: What’s an ice cream truck to do amid a big ol’ stoner festival? Not a lot when traffic is this bad.

7. Media rush: Ellen and Gracie from Berkeley, California-based Cannabis Now Magazine wouldn’t have missed celebrating 4/20 in Colorado. Listen to them talk about their Denver experience.

8. Pot aficionado: Weed is not only a young person’s game. Here’s 64-year-old Bonnie Rush, from Colorado advertising site Finding Miss MJ, talking about waiting in line for more than two hours at the Cannabis Cup on Saturday.

9. Leftover Salmon’s soundcheck: Welton Street is ready for the music — almost.

10. A weekly 420-friendly brunch spot in Denver: Sugar Bakeshop is a darling spot in Baker, and entrepreneur Natalie Slevin assuredly runs the shop with style. Listen to Slevin talk about her idea for a weekly weed-friendly brunch.

11. All play and no work: I wish I could do what Tiffany Gagne’s doing with a hula hoop. Seems like she has a good plan for 4/20.

12. 15 days straight of work in Colorado’s marijuana industry: Those who know 3D Cannabis’ Christy Lunsford won’t be surprised that she’s worked 15 straight days leading up to 4/20 weekend. Here’s Lunsford soaking up the sun.

13. Where’s critic Jake going next? Check out Jake’s plan for the Cannabis Cup’s second and final day.

14. “Just say yes to liberty:” The scene at Civic Center is picking up.

15. Back to the Cannabis Cup: Check out the sweet view from the third floor of Dixie Elixirs’ temporary tower at the Cup.

16. Up on high: The view of 4/20 at Denver’s Civic Center park from — pardon the pun — up high. Only thing missing: Phish.

17. Is that chocolate fountain medicated: Yes, Colorado edibles company Incredibles has a most-excellent chocolate fountain at its Cannabis Cup booth.

18. Pat-downs at Civic Center: Here’s Cannabist pot critic Jake Browne reporting from Civic Center on the pat-downs they’re conducting on anybody coming into the Rally.

19. Lines, lines, lines: Yikes, check out today’s line for the Cannabis Cup.

20. What’s new at Civic Center: “It looks much more like an actual festival, for better or worse.”

21. Nice white tent, dude: What’s that giant non-smoking tent in the middle of Civic Center for?