Good Chemistry is a dual 21+ medical/recreational shop nestled on Colfax near the state Capitol. (The Cannabist)

Good Chemistry (recreational review by The Ombudsman)

One of the common themes in my reviews of recreational dispensaries so far is their consistently high prices, and my consistent disgust at paying them. While browsing the Internet the other day, I noticed an ad for Good Chemistry, which was advertising a price drop for recreational customers.

As the legal marijuana industry moves into its fourth month of business, it seems as if Good Chemistry wants to get ahead of the inevitable price wars that will no doubt begin later this year. If rec is anything like the medical marijuana system post-HB 1284, it will take six to nine months for businesses to find a foothold and begin producing enough product to lower prices, but it will definitely happen.

Review: Good Chemistry in Denver (recreational purchase)
Connect: 330 E. Colfax Ave.; 720-524-4657; 11 a.m.-7 p.m. daily
Date of visit: April 7, 2014
Rating: 8/10

I would think this is especially likely given the amount of ludicrously large indoor and greenhouse facilities that have been going up all around the state since the passage of Amendment 64.

I have tried Good Chemistry’s flowers before at various events, as they have been a presence in the medical cannabis community for quite some time. However, I had never actually gone into the storefront itself, which sits just east of the Capitol building on America’s longest street. The store is surrounded by the er, “fun” part of Cap Hill, so expect to wave off a few panhandlers or see someone with a Radio Flyer full of hubcaps yelling at a mailbox on your way inside. Be prepared for parking challenges in this busy area.

Good Chemistry is both a recreational and 21+ medical location, so there are no separate entrances and the only differences are the products available and the counter at which you pay.

Map: Colorado medical dispensaries and recreational marijuana centers

Good Chemistry’s budroom is on the smaller side as far as dispensaries go; the rectangular, narrow room holds a long counter, which GC divided in two to designate the different products available to medical and recreational customers. The counters are mostly for show these days it seems, as no jars or products were actually on display, with everything being handled by monitors on the wall behind the budtenders. These screens had the menus (separated into sativa, hybrid, and indica, they also showed their edible selection (and that they were currently out of recreational concentrates) and pricing for everything.

Good Chemistry also offers its own line of edibles, which are branded under the Mountain Medicine name. These products sell for $10 apiece and are all rated at 100 milligrams of THC per package, which is cheaper than most edibles on the recreational market.

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