Good Chemistry is a dual 21+ medical/recreational shop nestled on Colfax near the state Capitol. (The Cannabist)

Good Chemistry (recreational review by The Ombudsman)

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Good Chemistry (recreational review by The Ombudsman)
A gram of XJ-13 from Good Chemistry (The Cannabist)

My budtender was Anika, and she greeted me warmly. I asked to see the Platinum Diesel, which was listed as a hybrid. This particular Platinum Diesel was quite a bit different than what I had seen in the past and may have been mislabeled, as it smelled much more like Lemon Skunk or a similar creamy-sweet-citrusy than anything akin to a Diesel. Anika even mentioned as much when I was smelling it, saying it reminded her a lot of their Lemon Skunk (also available).

Moving on, I smelled the XJ-13 (a Jack Herer phenotype), LSD and the Tahoe OG; all of them were fragrant and pleasing, with the XJ-13 really standing out.

Even though the samples she was showing me were prepackaged eighths rather than a big glass jar loaded with buds, the strong scents they produced indicated that the buds were well-grown and received proper treatment post-harvest. Anika talked capably about each of the strains as I asked to see them, and recommended the Tahoe OG as her personal favorite out of everything I looked at. While the Tahoe looked nice enough, the aroma was a little off from what I know that strain to smell like, so I opted for the spot-on sativa sweetness of the XJ-13.

The prices at Good Chemistry were the reason I came in, and even though my gram purchase wasn’t exactly taking advantage of them, I appreciated that I could pick up an eighth of any strain for a measly $30 plus tax. Compared to shops selling strains for up to $80 per eighth, this is a steal for the recreational market, especially given that Good Chemistry isn’t exactly selling garbage “budget shelf” weed.

Grams weren’t nearly as good of a deal comparatively at $15, but even that was still comparable to or lower than every other shop I’ve reviewed thus far except for one (the $14.95 bottom shelf Chem #4 from The Green Solution). Ounces (for Colorado residents only) are priced at the same $30 per eighth rate, so you don’t really save on the bulk purchase; despite that, $240 per ounce feels fair.

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I happened to have cash on hand this time, but Good Chemistry also offers an on-site ATM that has no transaction fee.

I paid a total of $17.83 for my purchase and left; the entire time, I was the only customer in the store, which is great for me, but somewhat unusual given the shop’s central location and the hour (nearly 5 o’clock). One note is that Good Chemistry had a somewhat strange “exit bag” for their products; they basically used a zip tie to close the top of an opaque plastic bag, which definitely isn’t compliant with the state’s new regulations, which require a specific type of child-resistant package that is also resealable. It would be nice to see GC step up and find a slightly better solution than what they are using right now.

I ended up getting into the gram the following morning, I actually hadn’t bothered to look at the nug I ended up with, but I was pleasantly surprised by the frosty, light green, spear-shaped chunk of XJ-13 that I dumped out of the bag.

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