The Green Solution's Grape Street location is easily accessible from Interstate 70. "Even though the reception area was nice enough, it definitely did not prepare me for the uber-slick and professional presentation that oozed from every pore of this store." (The Cannabist)

The Green Solution – Grape St. (rec review by The Ombudsman)

I had passed by The Green Solution’s Grape Street location almost daily for the better part of a year, but had never stopped in. The storefront formerly housed The Silver Lizard, a dispensary that had been raided and shuttered by the feds as part of an ongoing multi-state trafficking investigation.

The space lay vacant for a good chunk of time, then I began seeing traffic and construction, eventually noticing the shiny new The Green Solution sign popping up six or so months ago. I had been hearing good things about TGS’ recreational selection and quality, so it was finally time to check it out for myself. I parked in the mostly empty lot (it’s big and would probably hold 30 cars) on a bluebird March morning and walked up the steps to the entrance (an ADA-accessible ramp is also available).

Review: The Green Solution – Grape St. in Denver (recreational purchase)
Connect: 4400 Grape St.; 303-990-9723; 9 a.m.-7 p.m. daily
Date of visit: March 31, 2014
Rating: 8.8/10

The Green Solution is one of the larger dispensary chains in the state, with four retail outlets across the metro area, including Lakewood, Northglenn, and two Denver locations. This TGS outlet lies along the Interstate 70 frontage road past the Dahlia/Holly/Monaco exit; you could literally throw a rock and hit the highway from TGS’ parking lot.

Though the location is extremely convenient to access from the interstate, it would still definitely be qualified as an industrial zone; there is almost nothing else aside from manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other dispensaries in this area. That said, the neighborhood wasn’t quite as grimy and intimidating as some of the other shops I’ve reviewed, and I would feel safe enough coming by for an after-dark visit.

As I entered the store, I was greeted by a female receptionist, who assumed I was shopping recreationally and immediately asked for my ID. Though this particular store serves both medical (21+ only) and recreational patients, I would hazard a guess that they are probably doing 75 percent recreational business at this point, as most of the license plates in the parking lot were from out of state. After she took my ID, I was given a slip of paper with a number and my name on it and was quickly buzzed into the budroom.

Map: Colorado medical dispensaries and recreational marijuana centers

I have to admit I was taken aback when I entered the extremely sleek, Apple Store-esque sales floor. Even though the reception area was nice enough, it definitely did not prepare me for the uber-slick and professional presentation that oozed from every pore of this store. When you walk in, you are guided by a roped-off queue that smoothly directs you through their products, starting with a variety of TGS-branded clothing, merchandise and novelties (including a mildly hilarious and stereotype-embracing Frisbee pipe), leading up to their edible/concentrate counter, then finally to one of the display cases containing flowers.

Not being terribly interested in edibles myself, I mostly cruised right past them. What I did notice, however, is that TGS appears to have its own infused product and concentrate line, which is called Infusionz; this brand made up the vast majority of their edibles and concentrate selection, which included a few strain-specific shatters and wax, as well as some choices of strain-specific kief (which is itself a fairly rare sight).

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