Bill Maher (Sam Jones)

Bill Maher to Seth MacFarlane: “I watched ‘Cosmos’ twice: Once baked, once straight”

Whether you love or hate “Family Guy” and “Ted,” you were still likely surprised to learn that those productions’ foul-mouthed creator Seth MacFarlane was the primary producer behind Fox’s current remake of Carl Sagan’s science series “Cosmos.”

TV host Bill Maher seems to be pals with MacFarlane, so he comfortably joked with the comic writer on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” earlier this month as they poked fun at creationism, Oklahoma and themselves.

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Maher got things moving quickly by admitting: “I watched Cosmos twice.”

MacFarlane interrupted: “Did you watch it stoned? ‘Cos you gotta watch it stoned.”

And Maher finished his joke: “Once baked, once straight. It’s good both ways.”

Did Maher actually watch the Neil deGrasse Tyson-narrated series in both sober and altered states? Who knows. Either way he intelligently vocalized what Twitter has been talking about for weeks now: “Cosmos” is heavy, heavy entertainment that works both ways.

A couple other highlights from the interview, which is embedded above:

MacFarlane on the original “Cosmos:” “I saw the original ‘Cosmos’ as a child — huge Carl Sagan fan.”

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MacFarlane talking about the show’s subject matter: “We know the universe is expanding, ‘cos we’ve all seen ‘Annie Hall’.”

MacFarlane on how he got into science: “I was a fucking nerd who never got laid, man. What else is there for us? I love science.”

And then there’s MacFarlane’s on-point Marty McFly impression, which made Maher laugh like a little girl.

“Cosmos” continues Sunday night on Fox.

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