People drink alcohol while skiing and snowboarding? (Photo via Arthur Balluff)

4:20 Digest: Breck local mocks “Inside Edition,” ticking off The UN & more (3-4-14)

It’s 4:20 p.m. on March 4, 2014, and here are a few of the things we’re talking about at Cannabist HQ.

MOCKING ‘INSIDE EDITION,’ A BRECK LOCAL’S PARODY A COMIC TRIBUTE. It was only a matter of time before somebody strapped on their GoPro and made a parody of “Inside Edition’s” ridiculous report on the connection between pot and skiing and snowboarding. But this funny, loving tribute to the now-demolished smoke shack Leo’s is worth a look. See the video now.

DID WE JUST TICK OFF THE UN? Um, yes we did. The we here is Colorado and Washington. In a report published Tuesday, the International Narcotics Control Board said that it “deeply regrets” moves by those two states to lift restrictions on the sale and use of cannabis. Read more about The UN’s regrets.

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MILEY IS IN DENVER. RIGHT NOW. This much we know: Pop princess Miley has made her pot penchant increasingly known. She’s in Denver as of this writing. So will Miley make the first legal recreational marijuana purchase of her young life? (If you see her out and about at a pot shop, snap a pic and let us know.) Cyrus headlines the Pepsi Center tonight, but before you go (or read about it on your niece’s Facebook) check out our style report on Miley’s out-there fascination with marijuana. See the photos.

WHAT STRAIN IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Most of you know that the different strains of marijuana are as varied as IPAs and wheat beers, malbecs and pinot noirs. So which one is right for you? Check our ever-expanding archive of strain reviews now.

DID LEGAL WEED HELP DENVER’S AIRPORT TO ITS BIGGEST JANUARY EVER? ‎Colorado‬’s legal marijuana‬ sales started Jan. 1, 2014. January 2014 was the biggest January in Denver International Airport’s 19-year history. Coincidence? Read more.