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Anti-marijuana billboards going up near Super Bowl

NEWARK, N.J.—A group opposed to marijuana legalization is concerned about this year’s Super Bowl between teams from the two states that have legalized pot.

Project SAM, for Smart Approaches to Marijuana, says it’s running ads on billboards near MetLife Stadium, where the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will play on Sunday.

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The game has been hyped in some quarters as the “Stoner Bowl,” and legalization advocates have paid for five nearby billboards, urging the NFL to allow players to use medical marijuana.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana billboard
This billboard ad will be near the site of this year’s Super Bowl, MetLife Stadium in Newark, N.J. (Provided by Smart Approaches to Marijuana)

Project SAM responded Wednesday by announcing three billboard or digital reader board ads, two along Interstate 80 near the George Washington bridge, and one between I-78 and state route 22 for traffic heading toward Newark Airport.

The ads show a football player with the words, “motivation, perseverance, determination,” and then a marijuana leaf with the words, “None of the above.”

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