(Ry Prichard photos, The Cannabist)

A few of our favorite strains: 25 ranked reviews from our critics

Ultra Sonja (marijuana review, Strain Theory)
An example of Ultra Sonja (Ry Prichard, The Cannabist)

15. Ultra Sonja

Jake: “This strain has been popping up left and right as Tierra Rojo’s genetics continue to proliferate throughout the scene. The Sonja had always been a favorite of mine as a budtender, as the unique smell and name fit for a Street Fighter character made it an easy sell. There just isn’t a lot of ganja like this out there. A cross of U.K. Cheese and Tang Tang, there’s a mix of that dairy dankness with fruity bubble gum that’s harmonious and complementary as you crack it open. Having a wine and cheese party? It’ll pair well.” Read the full review

14. Girl Scout Cookies

Jake: “To make the cookies, you start with a pretty potent Durban Poison — a landrace strain that grew with little interference or breeding in Africa — which is one of the few 100 percent sativas out there on the market. Combine that with a heavily indica-dominant OG Kush cut that most agree originated in south Florida, and you end up with the Jekyll-and-Hyde of marijuana. The cerebral high of Durban with the body-numbing Kush … what could go wrong? The nug I wound up with has all the olfactory awesomeness of cracking open a box of Thin Mints. Durban Poison tends to smell like generic pine cleaner mixed with simple syrup, while the OG is more on the earthy end of the spectrum, albeit a similar profile. This iteration is an amplification of the candy traits that each subtly possesses — with a structure that leans heavily OG. Look for purps on the sugar leaf, but always against the traditional light green background of the Durban.” Read the full review

13. Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze

Brittany: “There was no coughing and no overt taste — other than smoke. I’ve read it can taste spicy and peppery, or light and floral. Those seemed to be competing descriptions. I had no problem with the taste I was getting, so I continued on … I experienced no paranoia and it aided my appetite again. I enjoyed an optimistic experience that was mildly intoxicating for an hour before the mental part of the high wore off and it became only a body relief aid. SSSDH is one you can definitely go out in public on, and I recommend you do so.” Read the full review

12. Bruce Banner #3

Jake: “Density is one of my favorite traits when you’re getting a kush phenotype, as they tend to be compact, almost popcorn-sized buds, perfect for smoking on the go. It’s the herb you’d get back in the day and immediately feel like your “dude” had shorted you. This BB3 was no exception, as the nug itself clearly leans to the OG Kush genetics externally as the diesel-esque rounded calyxes are noticeably absent. The same goes for the nose, with big notes of burning rubber as opposed to refueling the car. I’m starting to wonder if anyone bothered to invite Strawberry Diesel to the party.” Read the full review

11. Blueberry

Brittany: “Only part way through the blunt and I decided that was enough. I put that sucker out and saved it for another time. At this point a sort of weightless sensation had set in and I recognized that I was feeling supremely tranquil. This is a pretty great effect for medical patients with severe pain … The next morning I drank coffee and took a few small tokes. This left me ready to tackle my day. The Blueberry really energized me. The undeniable optimism of the high remained with me throughout the day and it seemed to filter into everything I encountered.” Read the full review