(Ry Prichard photos, The Cannabist)

A few of our favorite strains: 25 ranked reviews from our critics

Pure Power Plant marijuana review (Cannabis Cup edition)
A sample of Pure Power Plant from Good Meds – Lakewood (Ry Prichard, The Cannabist)

10. Pure Power Plant

Ry: “Pure Power Plant is a Dutch-bred strain that possibly derives from Durban Poison (the official lineage from the seed companies Nirvana and White Label) says “South African sativa and a chunky US Indica”), and may also include Skunk #1 or White Widow genetics depending upon the version. It was originally created simply as “Power Plant” by Dutch Passion and espoused as a pure African sativa line, but has since been released by countless other companies under slight name variations, usually with an increasing indica presence in an effort to continually push down flowering times … I crammed the approximately 0.8 gram nug into a slim cone using organic Raw papers and got down to business. The first few hits surprisingly weren’t so tasty, but it bloomed as the joint burned down and started to really reflect the quality that was seen in the aroma.” Read the full review

9. Afgoo

Jake: “Afgoo (sometimes Afgooey, which sounds somehow worse) is old school, combining Afghani indica roots with Hawaii’s own Maui Haze. In spite of the Haze roots, this almost always comes out as rock-hard nuggets that have distinctly dark-green sugar leaf contrasting against the more island-like light-orange hairs. There’s also a lot to like in the resin department, as this consistently produces an abundance of trichomes like a rapper somehow made it snow instead of rain on them. Usually, I’m pulling a lot more of a sugary pine note off of Afgoo — almost like a rosemary olive oil cake — but Euflora’s cut is like that cake topped with macerated bing cherries. Also, can you tell it’s good for appetite?” Read the full review

8. Death Star

Jake: The genetics in play are Sour Diesel, an old favorite that’s anything but the kind of sedative I’m looking for, and Sensi Star, an indica that can be surprisingly energetic as well. In other words, indica doesn’t always mean indica, and I don’t always have to smoke something Star Wars themed … It actually looks fine, with the density you’d expect from a Sensi cross and tons of the amber trichomes that tell me they did a great job on the cure. I always look for a good contrast in Death Star; mostly lighter green nugs that are marked by a much darker leaf and almost burnt orange hairs. Once again they’ve nailed it, even if the trim job leaves a little to be desired.” Read the full review

7. MK Ultra

Brittany: “As I broke up some MK Ultra, I noticed it was a little hard to handle, because it was very sticky. That’s typical of MK Ultra and I was glad that what I was holding was textbook. The smoke was pretty on point as well. No harshness, which was welcomed as I’ve been sick lately and any added coughing is not a desire of mine. It tasted fairly earthy, and I didn’t get the expected citrus taste MK is noted to have. No big deal … Did MK Ultra give me the brain bending it suggested? Totally. I wouldn’t use it during the day, but its ability to lay out anyone it comes in contact with makes it a perfect sleep aid for those who suffer from insomnia and might need a little help hitting the hay.” Read the full review

6. Agent Orange

Jake: “I love showing someone with relatively little marijuana experience a sativa-dominant hybrid like Agent Orange because it’s one of the best illustrations of how varied these genetics are. I could have just as easily started peeling a Cuties clementine tangerine. Smelling it after a jar of Durban Poison, there’s no doubt these are distinct plants. Sure, there’s a little spice and skunk underneath, but if you’re not smelling a California cash crop, you’ve been had … People are always asking for recommendations for good daytime smoke that won’t knock them out, and this definitely delivers in that regard. It even does a decent job with pain management, as my back felt loose after tightening up during yardwork over the weekend. For a hybrid they tout as a 60/40 sativa-leaning split, though, I didn’t get much of the indica vibe.” Read the full review