Opinion: Added risks of booze + pot “magical cocktail” need to be known

The way Christian Sederberg sees it, the combination of weed and booze is a “magical cocktail.” And not in a good way. Researchers say doses of alcohol and marijuana that are “insignificant” alone could result in impairment when combined. That’s the “magical cocktail,” and the implications for public safety are worrisome.

A budtender's job is increasingly taxing, but they also need to remember to put the patient first. (Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post)

Dear Budtender: Remember to take your time and care for patients

As an industry that often decries “Big Pharma,” we’ve all been turned and burned at a number of dispensaries lately. At the risk of being overly didactic: Have we forgotten the true meaning of marijuana in Colorado?

1,000 pounds of pot found abandoned on Calif. beach

1,000 lbs. pot abandoned on Calif. beach, plus boat and Blazer

California law enforcement responded about 8 a.m. to reports that a suspicious boat and white Chevy Blazer had been abandoned near the water’s edge at Pescadero State Beach, authorities said. Inside the Chevy were 42 bales of marijuana weighing between 25 and 30 pounds each.

Milbank: Hey, Congress -- Try inhaling

Congress in urgent need of chilling out (opinion)

Legal marijuana is spreading like a weed across the land but it has yet to take root in the place where people might benefit most from inhaling: the U.S. Capitol. Our ever-indignant representatives need urgently to chill out and free their minds, writes Dana Milbank of the Washington Post Writers Group.

Cannabist Q&A: mental health, medical card reciprocity, getting started as a grower

Cannabist Q&A: Mental health, medical cards, growing

Handling readers’ marijuana questions. In this installment, medical strain recommendations for mental health; using an out-of-state medical card in Colorado and getting started as a grower.

Marijuana edibles like this brownie are for sale at Ganja Gourmet in Denver. (Photo By Erin Hull/The Denver Post)

Pot for food stamps? Fake report creates havoc

It had the makings of must-read story: a Republican lawmaker believes a faux news report that Colorado’s pot shops are accepting food stamps and introduces a bill to outlaw the practice.

Kurt Britz checks Kristin Brinckerhoff's identification outside 3D Cannabis Center in Denver on Thursday, the second day of legal sales of recreational marijuana in Colorado. Brinckerhoff waited a day because, she said, "I just knew the lines were going to be out of control." (Photo By Craig F. Walker / The Denver Post)

Recreational pot’s smooth launch

Some public officials predicted unruly customers would fight over scarce supplies when recreational marijuana went live in Colorado. Others feared images of public toking would be beamed around the world.