Josiah M. Hesse

Josiah M. Hesse

Josiah M. Hesse is a Denver-based journalist primarily covering politics, comedy, marijuana and pop culture. His work has appeared in Westword, Splitsider, Laughspin, Out Front Colorado, The Spit Take, Substance, Vice, Noisey, Colorado Public Radio, Birdy and Suspect Press.

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Why are people going to the emergency room for weed?

Emergency rooms in pot-legal states are busier than ever with marijuana-related visits, statistics show. Doctors and other experts talk about health issues linked to marijuana use, including the little-known cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS).

Dan Savage on bestiality, politics and how weed made him a better parent

About an hour after I ate some potent Colorado pot edibles with writer Dan Savage, we sat down for a deep talk on sexuality, weed, bestiality and politics.

Day of The Dude: My surreal, stoney afternoon with the real Lebowski

When the inspiration for the Coen brothers’ cult classic “The Big Lebowski” comes to Colorado, kooky Jeff Dowd makes a memorable, if muddled, impression.

Dazed & Infused: Five legit reasons why your edibles high is unpredictable

When shopping for pot, it’s simple to grab a sativa for energy or an indica for sleep. But trying to do the same with edibles is impossible. And here’s why.

A divided weed world: Black market growers and legit industry jobs

Is it worth it for black market growers to click off their lamps and go work for the man? Even if they tried to go mainstream, are employers in the legal industry motivated to hire them?

Op-ed: Why isn’t Rastafari a respected religion? Because of pot prejudice

Outside of reggae music and pot smoking, mainstream society is mostly ignorant of the rich and eclectic history of Rastafari, a Hebrew-Caribbean hybrid of faith and culture.

Honesty for the holidays: It’s time to get real with your family about weed

You’re an adult now, and this is the legalized era: Getting high is no longer anything to be ashamed of. Isn’t it about time you came out to your parents as a pot smoker? Situations like this require some finesse.