The Las Vegas Strip (Jacob Kepler, Bloomberg )

Nevada reciprocity: Have an MMJ card? You can buy pot in Vegas in 2015

Marijuana activists are already planning the 2016 campaign to regulate and legalize the sale of recreational pot in Nevada, home to Las Vegas, one of the world’s biggest tourism destinations. But some tourists won’t have to wait that long to legally buy weed in Las Vegas thanks to the most liberal reciprocity law in the United States.

Puerto Rico medical marijuana regulations

Essential info on Puerto Rico’s fast-moving medical pot plans

Puerto Rico, which started drafting its framework in January, could see its first sales under the new program in a matter of months, the general counsel for the U.S. territory’s Department of Health told The Cannabist.

A close encounter with the Trailer Park Boys in Denver

A close encounter with the Trailer Park Boys in Denver

When I got offered the chance to attend the first show on the Trailer Park Boys’ new tour, I practically jumped at the chance. Then the deal got sweetened further with a private dispensary-organized cannabis tasting — and my head figuratively exploded.

5 things you'll see in weed-themed holiday shopping

5 things you’ll see in weed-themed holiday shopping

That’s not mistletoe. From new marijuana strains for the holidays to gift sets and pot-and-pumpkin pies, the burgeoning marijuana industry in Colorado is scrambling to get a piece of the holiday shopping dollar.

Cannabist Q&A: mental health, medical card reciprocity, getting started as a grower

Cannabist Q&A: Mental health, medical cards, growing

Handling readers’ marijuana questions. In this installment, medical strain recommendations for mental health; using an out-of-state medical card in Colorado and getting started as a grower.