DENVER, CO - MAY 18: Dane Jordan fills out paperwork during the cityÕs Turn Over a New Leaf program, which helps vacate low-level marijuana convictions, on May 18, 2019. Jordan flew in from Massachusetts to try to remove a marijuana charge he received in 2006 as a college student. (Photo by Kenzie Bruce/Special to the Denver Post)

New Denver program can make old marijuana conviction disappear

After Dane Jordan was convicted of illegally growing marijuana 13 years ago, he gave up his dream of becoming a psychologist. After all, medical boards don’t readily hand out Ph.D.s to convicted felons.

He couldn’t rent certain apartments. He didn’t even bother applying to most jobs.

Jordan’s life was altered irrevocably by his decision to grow a few plants with no product on them. And years after his conviction, he continued to suffer the repercussions of a law that no longer existed.

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